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- Josh Wilson



To become The Best Version of yourself. Lifeworks is a radical self-enquiry:
• As Person: How do I want my life to turn out? Am I surviving or living? Who am I really?
• As Parent: What ‘shape’ are my choices, or lack of choices, and behaviours putting on my children: the next generation?
• As Leader: What impact or influence am I having on those for whom I am responsible, who turn to me, who look to be supported and guided?
• As Partner & Friend: Am I relating in ways that are positive and healing or do I bring toxicity and trauma?
• As Human Being: What connections do I have to other human beings, what contributions do I make, to my community and the universal community? This enquiry includes your own unique questions for your own unique life. Lifeworks gives you the tools to make the choices that will reset your life. It begins by sorting through the emotional baggage that is holding you back both professionally and personally.


Executive Development

Best Version Executives, Leaders, Directors require deep personal self-awareness and the tools to make choices that will create change in their lives and the lives of those they are leading. You need to understand and make peace with your demons, your psychological habits and behaviour patterns. These may make you a highly accomplished individual whilst being detrimental to your relationships and ultimately to your well-being. Without deep personal self-awareness and the tools to create this change in your own life your decisions and behaviours will continue to be shaped and coloured by unconscious primary programming which includes fear, self-doubt, guilt and anger. Have you ever felt like an imposter? Have you ever felt an unexplainable rage around impulsive or reactionary decision? Have you ever struggled to say ‘no’ or to deliver ‘bad news’? Have you ever said to yourself, ‘What am I doing? I feel lost?’ And so on ... Deep personal self-awareness is the foundation of strong, bold, purposeful leadership and the pathway to solid growth and development.


Lifeworks Therapy

Each of us is responsible for our own story along with our choices and behaviour. Lifeworks Therapy helps you take responsibility for your life; for your own personal growth and well-being; towards becoming your Best Version. Lifeworks teaches you how to turn towards your story in ways that are both responsible and compassionate. In taking responsibility for your life in this way you can heal what needs to be healed, let-go what needs to be let-go of and make peace with those parts of you that are crying out for acceptance. Lifeworks gives you the tools to self-parent; to begin to clear out those parts of your story that are unhelpful and limiting as well as the ability to celebrate your life. It is after all your story and your story also makes you ‘great’.


Search For Meaning

Our search for meaning and purpose humanises us and has the power to transform our lives. “Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to - make sure to listen – and to let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent.” [Parker J Palmer] Your potential lies in your raw material. Success and happiness demand that you listen and accept your ‘true self’ - with its limits as well as its potentials. Remember, your work does not have to destroy you. Instead, your work can be “a pilgrimage of identity”
- David Whyte



Lifeworks believes in and supports the wisdom of your story. Age 18 I began to travel: living, working & studying between Africa and Europe. I studied Philosophy and then Theology in Maynooth: Ireland. I studied Business Science and Psychology in Cape town: South Africa. I studied and experienced Psychotherapy here in Dublin: Ireland. All in that order. I have worked on many things. I was an educator within the Catholic Church. I was Managing Director of one of South Africa’s more profitable smaller companies. I was Human Resource Director of one of Ireland's first field sales organisations. By 2004, age forty-four, I began to understand and trust all these parts of myself. I began to integrate them into the man I am still becoming. I decided to create Lifeworks. Through Lifeworks I teach Executives, Leaders, Parents, Partners and Friends the wisdom of deep personal self-awareness and its empowerment towards authentic choices. This is the path to Best Version of self.



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Kind Words

  • I heard about Stephen through an acquaintance of mine. At this time I was looking to improve relationships at work. Working with Stephen makes what seems difficult and impossible, possible. I now personally have a deeper understanding of myself as well as improved relationships – both at work and at home... Read on

    Tom Hefferon
  • I was introduced to Stephen by a client as a 'corporate head mechanic'. I had been working crazy hours and life felt like an endurance test on all levels. I was carefully 'looking the other way' in relation to all of the things which were not working – both in my business and my personal life. Soon I realised that I couldn't... Read on

    Krystyna Rawicz
  • After 20 years with two employers I was embarking on a new career decision. I had become personally tired and stressed with work-life balance issues, struggling with the meaning of life and in dire need of 'mental detox'. Meeting Stephen has resulted in an evolving awareness of who I really am and what really matters. I... Read on

    Rick Butterworth
  • Originally Stephen and I connected to explore business opportunities. However, after talking with Stephen, I discovered that I was disconnected from myself and was running or hiding from my story.As a result of working with Stephen I have a greater peace of mind and have gained the confidence and support to make bold... Read on

    Philip McKernan
  • I heard about Stephen at a sales course I had attended. Eveywhere I went, this name Stephen O'Reilly kept cropping up. At the time my children, my work, my family, myself were all being neglected in some way. Working with Stephen for the first time I was able to speak completely openly and freely about me – my feelings... Read on

    Orla O'Neill
  • Stephen has become an integral part of our HR Strategy. With his help we have become a much more inclusive company, involving and developing staff in all areas of our business. We have improved our communication lines with staff, which has, in turn, created an open and transparent culture within our organisation. In more... Read on

    Kevin Donegan
  • I had participated in a program that had a material impact on my overall awareness. The program facilitator suggested that the next step in my development would be to work with Stephen. I haven't looked back since! I would describe my experience of working with Stephen as “enlightening”, “alive”, “gentle” and “respectful”... Read on

    John Shields
  • Stephen has helped me achieve a firm belief in my capacity to successfully work through very tough circumstances – as others have done – and to live a more joyous and fulfilling life. He has helped me get in touch with my feelings, to hear their timid voice, and to dare to trust them. I have managed to broaden my view of what... Read on

    John Cassidy
  • Stephen was recommended by a course facilitator as somebody who would help me to explore some personal issues. Prior to meeting Stephen, I did not have a lot of confidence in my abilities and achievements. I was also concerned about my tendency to be emotional with people that I care about – something that I saw as a sign of weakness... Read on

  • I was Sales Director at a fast-paced sales company in Dublin. I was hard working, tenacious, committed and good in the role yet completely unchallenged, unfulfilled and unhappy where I was professionally. Working with Stephen and Lifeworks has given me a second chance. I was so focused on the wrong things in my career that I couldn't see... Read on

    Aran Nugent
  • I am a vice principal of a large urban disadvantaged primary school in West Dublin and have been teaching since 1985. I am married and have two daughters aged 19 and 17. My parents are both alive and I have a wide circle of friends and a supportive loving family. So far so great! Why then was I feeling anxious, overwhelmed and lost? My... Read on

    Regina Weber
  • I am a vice principal of a large urban disadvantaged primary school in West Dublin and have been teaching since 1985. I am married and have two daughters aged 19 and 17. My parents are both alive and I have a wide circle of friends and a supportive loving family. So far so great! Why then was I feeling anxious, overwhelmed and lost?... Read on

    Regina Weber

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